Protected: SO: to speak ~ to perform

Protected: SO: to speak ~ to perform

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Performance @ SO: to speak festival

  Join artists Walter van Rijn, creator the Being Human font, and Jane Birkin to discuss art and archives, words and images, descriptions and lists, titles and text as art. Start Date: SAT 21st October 2017 14:00 Venue: Tower House, Town Quay Road, Southampton SO14 […]

How Can You And I Ever Be Free In The 21stC ?

#REDboard2017, an off-site project from RED Contemporary Arts in Hull. REDboard is a curated series of thirteen billboard interventions which showcase the works of artists (local and international) that respond to Hull UK City of Culture’s four seasonal programmes. Funded by Hull UK City of […]

UGLyD_Display1_Page15 (c) 2017 Walter van Rijn


For the exhibition Time After Time I am planning to create several displays that re-image an exhibition history. This display is an example of the module Display, which is a combination of software and hardware. One way to explore the gallery’s exhibition history is to […]

UGLyD wall drawing (2017) graphite, John Hansard Gallery

Wall Drawing

UGLyD wall drawing (2017) graphite, John Hansard Gallery. Testing out possiblities for wall drawings after the artwork time frames I created for the JHG Exhibition Archive.  

Script Display 1 screenshot (2017)

Unconsumable Global Luxury Dispersion, text

Text from forthcoming book: Unconsumable Global Luxury Dispersion: A_Selection_From (2017)
It introduces the terms unconsumable, global, luxury and dispersion, in relation to my artist’s practice and my upcoming exhibition at the Hansard Gallery.

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UGLyD, John Hansard Gallery Exhibition Archive (2016-2017)

Unconsumable Global Luxury Dispersion (UGLyD) is a project that collects and disperses artwork titles related to an exhibition history. In collaboration with the John Hansard Gallery, Walter van Rijn has aggregated more than 5000 artwork titles from work exhibited in the gallery at the Highfield Campus from the first exhibition in 1980 till the last in 2016.

Symbiotic Fonts

The new font I am going to use for the Unconsumable Global Luxury Dispersion project is called Being Human.

UGLyD Tape

Tape: Caution Unconsumable Global Luxury Dispersion. Self adhesive vinyl Tape. 55mm x 66m. White vinyl printed tape in red text with SymLogiDin font. Multiple.

UGLyD, A Proposition Exposition (2015)

For this exhibition I archived and catalogued all the physical remains of the artwork I produced during my doctoral research. All objects are boxed up and delivered to the gallery. The condition and display in which these objects are shown is contingent on the choices […]